* Allow me, to take you daringly... within the pages of a wholly different class of children's Christmas picture book?
  Into quite possibly, the strangest of all worlds...  
       Welcome - to the very peculiar tale of "Quirky Claus!"

Have you ever perchanced to wonder, what the naughty children get for Christmas, and who so happens to deliver these little rascals presents?

If that is the case, without doubt this is the book for you:

*Quirky Claus is the alternative story of a rather mischievous Santa, who lives with his sidekick, and not always the most loyal of companion's 'Timothy the Toucan,' deep in the windswept...
snowy depths of the freezing South Pole!

However, be careful to be good before Christmas, because if Quirky Claus happens to hear you have been not been quite as well behaved - as you might, you may instead get all manner of strange and weird presents in your stocking...

Anything... so bold & surprising as a long-necked giraffe, to even an extremely angry -                      fist shaking armadillo!

***Quirky Claus... will also be launched as a "quality" Ebook in the foreseeable future!

  ***The paperback however, remains of an exceptionally unique calibre!

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© Copyright Sebastian White - QuirkyClaus, The Tallest Dwarf...

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