About Us

Quirky Claus... is a somewhat alternative take on the traditional Christmas story. As the mischievous cousin of the rather better known Santa Claus, he resides with his sidekick and not always, the most loyal of friend's Timothy the Toucan...  *A.K.A: 
(surname...) "Toucan!"

         This very 'unique' Santa, through a series of misadventures (and not without indeed more  than a little help from the mightily mischievous:  Timothy Toucan) finds himself getting into yet  one increasingly difficult predicament after another! In his vain attempts to deliver an array of unusual, incredibly bizarre, but above all 'unexpected'  Christmas presents...
to the impish children of the world.
                                                   Who, let us be most honest, really would have been
                                                                    of course: far... far... wiser, 
                                                               to have behaved in the very least,
                                                                  that tincey wincey  bit better... 
                                                               'before' the actual big day itself!!!

© Copyright Sebastian White - Quirky Claus, The Tallest Dwarf...

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