Please find enclosed a sample of distinctly encouraging reviews, taken from the children’s Christmas picture book *Quirky Claus , brimming full to the rafters with bountiful...               zany, topsy turvy mayhem!!!

    These demonstrate implicitly that
a belief, which I have pursued, since being a child of just '6 years' and my grandfather having confirmed, when he visited a fortune teller, the very same year... this dream was not in vain. In fact of the over "300" libraries, everywhere from... Swindon to Northern Ireland, where the title is stocked... these strikingly demonstrate that 'Quirky Claus' continues to be a favourite of children, and borrowed well before "
and" indeed - beyond the festive period.


*Recent 'Blog Tour Reviews' proffered by challenging & inspirational authors including: Nat Russo

*Author Interview: Sebastian White

    Joanne Harris described the book as...

 "As really rather good!"

After I barged into her 'book signing' queue, at the Ilkley Literary Festival - disgruntling the attendants somewhat. Fortunately, 'we' authors being something of, on the whole... a good ol' bunch.

    Well Joanne actually didn't mind in the slightest!

  There are other compelling reviews here: Amazon.Co.UK, Amazon.Com and various other sites such as FreeIndex.

     *However please ensure to preferably buy through this website page: Quirky Bookshop!

Dear Sebastian...

                             The story and illustrations are marvellous!!!

         The humour is just right and appeals to my sense of...

anti-establishmentarianism. I had a few chuckles and some outright laughs!

I am so happy that you have created this book. I shall be giving one copy for   Christmas, to an eight year old boy whom I hope will be inspired to always look at things from a different angle, in other words that your story and illustrations mark him - in that way that certain things mark us as children and change the way in, which we really understand the world!

            The other copy..?

            I haven't decided yet, perhaps I shall keep it to read to any passing children!

           * I do actually work in a public Library, so I would like to see if we could add it to our stock?

 Thanks S M...         :0)

      Even Dom Joly at the Ilkley Literary Festival snatched a copy for his own kids - he seemed to like, but where alas... is that elusive call Mr Dom?

      He's probably after all - still stranded in that jungle somewhere
dining on snail ears and the like! Do snails have ears?
If they don't, they most certainly should have! I mean, what else can they attach their IPods to...?

     I have to say I liked your ideas for this kids stories greatly... the concept was as good - if not better than in the published children's books my kids already have, and they have quite the library going on there.

     Both my children spend quite a lot of time reading and as a family we are always in and out of bookshops; so we think we are quite discerning about what is and what isn't a good read or plot. 

     Have also shown your ideas to my young nephew, who is 5 years of age and they all thought your ideas were good. There also seems to be a lot of scope for follow-ons.


       I read to her the story of... Quirky Claus, and she said,
 "What a good wee book," and "could I read it again?" 

 That's about as good as you're ever gonna get from a 2 year old!

Sarah (Celtic Highland lady)

      “I like the idea of Quirky Claus, especially the sequel idea      The Revenge Of! The illustrations particularly add life and
vibrancy to the story! 

     "This is a fantastic idea, I believe the book has    genuine appeal for not only my own child, but for many - if not in reality most children, and has every reason to be a real hit!”

Beth (mother and youth worker)

    A comment from the publishers of Marius Press:

"Our grandchildren of... four, six & eight, they really enjoyed the tale
of Quirky Claus.

They found the story very funny, and loved the pictures a great deal!"

      ”I have spent today with a play group and read to them the story "Quirky Claus" to say they thought the story was great is an understatement! They relished the illustrations as well. I hope that you take the time to read these stories as I believe that they provide         a really useful service!”

Mrs Procter 

       The grandkids, especially the 6yr old, were very enthralled
and found the book interesting and also informative. They would be an asset to any child's personal library. Also, the schoolchildren who I have been able to read as a teacher, found them to also to be extremely interesting and enjoyable! 

       I wish you all the best in your efforts to get this,   
and hopefully many others published. I look forward to buying them for the kids, when available? 


    “I found this a really good idea, the 'wacky' adventures of...

        *Quirky Claus!!!"

      "Would love to see more please???”


    George (9) and Thomas (6) read the stories you mailed them, both of them said "It was really good," and they laughed a lot about
the story of Quirky Claus, especially the bit about the...
angry armadillo!

    George was interested in how Timothy the Toucan... character would develop, but I told him he'd have to wait for the next books.

    Thomas said, "he had really enjoyed the story as he loves Quirky."

    The boys say to get cracking writing the sequels, and when they get published they want autographed copies... as they think
they are your critics now!!!


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